Strategic Competitive Intelligence

Assiduus Global is the world’s fastest-growing AI-powered cross-border E-commerce accelerator and its patent pending cutting-edge technology collects and analyzes data from across multiple geographies and platforms to enable data driven decisions that are comprehensive, customizable and easy to implement.

Receive actionable insights to improve your digital shelf share, stock availability, competitive pricing, product discoverability and ROIs on marketing spends.

E-commerce is a dynamic ecosystem in which it is crucial for a brand to monitor the pricing of their products on online channels. A price which is just slightly higher than the competition can make you lose your loyal customers. Brands must have complete visibility over competition and their own product pricing to strategically use promotions, discounts, deals and coupons to increase online sales, have competitive pricing and improve advertising conversions.

Our technology helps you to:

  • Track the selling price of each of your SKUs across platforms, authorised or rest of the sellers and locations.
  • Identify promotions by any seller/platform on your SKUs and audit them against your planned promotions.
  • Track whether your authorized seller has the buy box.
  • Compare pricing and promotions across competition, platforms, sellers and time periods to identify trends to inform your strategy.

This data helps ensure a controlled pricing & promotion strategy.

A key challenge Brand Managers face is to ensure that their products are available on E-commerce platforms with their authorized sellers. Consumers can lose interest in a brand when their desired product is out of stock. Many E-commerce platforms also deactivate or delist products which are repeatedly out of stock. To have visibility, brands need to keep updated inventory on multiple E-commerce platforms, especially for the high selling or focus SKUs.

We help you to:

  • Track on-shelf availability across platforms and locations.
  • Provide alerts for SKUs that are out-of-Stock.
  • Track stock trends over time across all your channels, categories and brands.
  • Separately identify Power SKUs that are out of stock.
  • Highlight promoted products that are unavailable.

This data plays an important role in planning stocks and POs to optimize availability inventory and avoid sales loss.

Most online E-commerce platforms have 1000s of products listed for every major keyword and category that a customer may search. In order to reach your customer, your products first need to be visible and discoverable on relevant keywords search results and category pages. Research shows that almost 2/3rd of clicks come through products that appear on the first page of search results. The first step in improving your organic visibility is to be aware of what your current share of shelf is.

We help you:

  • Track how many of your SKUs show in the Top 3, 10 or 20 search results for important search keywords.
  • How many of your SKUs show on Page 1 and top results within their categories.
  • Track trend lines of your share of shelf over a period of time.
  • Identify competition brands and SKUs that hold key visibility spots.
  • Monitor the Amazon Bestseller rank for your products in their categories.

This data helps keep a constant check on your share of shelf and how it changes with various levers used by you over time, such as changes in content, pricing and sales.

Research shows that the majority of shoppers read between one and ten reviews before making a purchase decision. The reviews are also a goldmine of insights for brands on what aspects are important to their customers, and how their products are performing on them. This makes it an important aspect to track and analyze, to maintain your online reputation, and achieve better customer satisfaction.

Assiduus helps:

  • Consolidate reviews and ratings for your products across all platforms in one place for easy access.
  • Summarize positive & negative review and rating trends on the SKUs across brands, categories and platforms.
  • Deep dive into the aspects causing positive and negative reviews to analyze the customer sentiments and identify gap areas.
  • Analyze competition reviews for comparison.

Sales reports and off take data is provided by the E-Commerce platforms in different forms and frequency. In order to make an informed decision, it is necessary to have a consolidated view, customizable to your specific decision-making requirements.

We help you:

  • Capture all sales data and present it to you in easily readable charts and graphs.
  • Identify Revenue trends by channel, by brand, or aggregate.
  • Comparisons with MOM, YOY, 6 months moving average.
  • Channel level performance: how each channel is performing and its contribution to brand-level sales.
  • Brand level performance: how each brand is performing within the category as well as on various channels? Which brand is selling the most on a particular channel?
  • Product level performance: SKU-wise performance on various metrics available on the channel.

At present, E-commerce platforms provide a wide variety of complex tools and advertising options. Since a large number of customers are starting their research, discovery and purchase journey directly on platforms like Amazon, these tools have become a primary means of digital advertising. 

At Assiduus, we help with:

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of all important metrics of advertisement on E-Commerce platforms.>
  • Measure KPIs against brand goals and category benchmarks.
  • Indicate performance against last day for important KPIs.
  • Highlights critical actions on campaigns based on stock, campaign balance and campaign creation errors
  • Analyse campaign performance at campaign, ad type and portfolio level.
  • Analyze ASIN and keyword performance to provide keyword and bidding suggestions.
  • Comprehensive analysis with correlation between ad positions, discounts, conversion, CTR/CPC.
  • View trend reports and graphical visualization across key metrics through customizable, easy to use widgets.