Growing assets while safely navigating the complex E-commerce distribution landscape is a challenge. At Assiduus, our international distribution services team acts as an extension of your business to support your distribution strategy while ensuring compliance on the part of third-party representatives.

We provide all the services and technology you need to execute a worry-free and efficient E-commerce global distribution strategy. Using our patent-pending software and global distribution services, we’ll keep your product in stock and keep logistics friction down.

Our E-commerce distribution services handle all aspects of E-commerce warehousing services and you get access to a powerful platform for all your requirements. Because partnering with a global supply chain and distribution partner means receiving enhanced solutions.

We let you always be in stock. Product ordering is too often a guessing game prone to human error that leads to stock-outs on the one hand, and overstocks with high holding costs on the other hand. We offer the solution: An AI-driven platform that tackles everything from purchase orders to approval and execution.

Fulfilment across global marketplaces, regions and D2C gets complicated—fast. Our Warehouse Management System and E-commerce global distribution ensure rapid prep work and compliance with third-party logistics solutions for FBA and bespoke direct fulfilment. We’ll make sure logistical red tape is the last thing on your mind as you grow to new markets and regions of the globe.

Stock-outs, redundancies and miscommunications can add up over time. Our patent-pending technology combines technology with our top-tier distribution system to clean up your logistics execution. Reduce logistics friction that impacts the consumer experience.

  • AI-Driven Order Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • In Stock Dashboard

Logistics and fulfillment are the last things you want to worry about when it comes to E-commerce. Our patent-pending technology, coupled with our established international distribution services and global distribution network, will ensure that getting your product to consumers is one less thing on your mind.

Our experienced professionals work closely with brands to streamline their overall supply chain through customized distribution programs, dependable warehousing and the transportation of goods from point to point or to their final destination, in a safe, traceable and timely manner.