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Seller Solutions for
Dynamic Marketplaces

Automatically reconcile sales & returns, identify extra charges, consolidate & efficiently handle disputes.

Review Charges

The biggest concern for a seller is the validity of the charges levied.

Often, extra shipping charges are applied considering wrong weight or dimensions or applying rates of different zones.

We identify extra charges applied by marketplaces in any given period. We follow up with marketplaces and raise disputes if required. Having access to details such as Sales / Returns / payment, while working on extra charges makes it simple to raise disputes immediately when needed.

Review Payment

Our patent pending technology gives a glimpse of all important information related to marketplace account reconciliation & sales analysis. It clearly shows Pending payment against sales & disputes while also accounting for returns and charges. User can see expected payments & delayed payments separately.

Sales Analysis

Our technology gives a clear picture of sales & returns during a given period. Not only that, it also categorises sales into settled, unsettled, acknowledged, unacknowledged sales. We also, individually show returns against orders, during a given period and against orders which were placed before given period. This gives you a detailed analysis of your sales without just merging all sales & return together.

The above data is shown with marketplace consolidation so you can have a look at individual marketplaces and an overall view as well.

Product Returns

When an item gets returned many activities happen at the backend, starting from verifying if the item returned is in saleable condition, marking those verified, raising disputes if needed, following up on disputes, booking losses in case marketplace does not compensate fully and other factors. Partnering with Assiduus makes the usually cumbersome Returns process, easy and manageable.

Our patent pending technology allows analysis & management of returns under different categories – Verified, Unverified, Under Dispute, fully compensated & partially compensated with losses.

Payment Analysis

When a merchant receives any remittance, the first thing he would like to know is detailed breakup of the amount received; our payments analysis satisfies this requirement.

As payments can be of orders of different period, comprising of effects of returns, adjustments etc. it gives a clear picture by separating out parts which make complete payment. Each payment deposit is broken down between payment against sales, deductions against returns, expense deduction, refunds, releases, holdbacks etc. Drilldown is available from summary upto individual charge level.