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Assiduus Global is your one-stop, full-service marketing and campaign management company with decades of experience creating successful campaigns for hundreds of national and international brands of all sizes. Our specialization in web, multimedia, print and community marketing allows us to deliver comprehensive strategy, design, distribution and marketing services that align with your goals and objectives. Our global talented and energetic team includes graphic designers, web developers, print coordinators, social media gurus and seasoned marketing consultants who work together to create a comprehensive marketing resource for our clients.

Sit down with the trusted professionals and campaign management platform at Assiduus Global and experience the difference.

When we talk about our campaign management services and campaign management platform, we get super excited. Because our dedicated team of professionals will take your marketing initiative to the next level by creating, launching, tracking and optimizing your campaign with the goal of maximizing excitement and customer engagement.

Our professional team will integrate your goals and ideas into a campaign with a custom fit that delivers results across various mediums.

Our ROI-Driven marketing campaign management strategies and bespoke campaign optimization routines help brands save thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours figuring out the advertising strategies and anxiety of burning cash flow.

We provide Amazon Ads (PPC) services to scale revenues and results from Ads. A lot of businesses don’t utilize the power of Ads due to the lack of marketing and campaign management and the complexity of the Ads platform. We have witnessed how E-Commerce brands doubled or even tripled their revenues with Amazon Ads and were able to scale pretty fast and profitable.

We utilize the power of our campaign management platform and boost campaigns with eye-catching creatives and laser-type audience targeting.

Scale your store to seven or eight figures. We have expertise in handling e-commerce dropshipping advertising campaigns. We have helped brands to scale their drop shipping business through Products Research, Product Tests, and Sales funnel. Get in touch to discuss.