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How to Optimize your listings On Amazon

How to Optimize your listings On Amazon

Selling on Amazon has become an incredibly popular way for retailers and entrepreneurs to reach millions of potential customers. With over 197 million unique monthly visitors to Amazon.com, simply having a product listed on Amazon can result in substantial sales. However, with over 5 million sellers on Amazon, the competition is fierce. If you want your products to stand out and convert browsers into buyers, you need to optimize your Amazon listings.


In this comprehensive guide, I will cover everything you need to know about optimizing your Amazon listings for higher sales, including:

  • Crafting an Optimal Title
  • Writing Good Bullet Points
  • Choosing the Right Product Images
  • Setting a Competitive Price
  • Getting Product Reviews
  • Enhancing Content with A+ Detail Pages
  • Improving Conversion with Enhanced Brand Content

By following the tips in this guide, you can create Amazon listings that entice customers, answer their questions, and drive more sales. With optimized listings, you can cut through the competition and watch your products succeed on the world’s largest online marketplace.


Craft an Optimal Title


The first thing potential customers will see when browsing products on Amazon is the title. Amazon titles are limited to 200 characters, including spaces and punctuation. You need to make those characters count by including the most critical keywords and information.


Here are some tips for creating great Amazon titles:


  • Lead with your main keyword or brand name. This helps customers instantly know what type of product it is.
  • Include attributes like color, size, and style when relevant. Helps customers find the exact variant they want.
  • Use keywords naturally – don’t just cram in keywords. Sentence case titles read better than all caps.
  • Include key product dimensions, capacity, material, etc. Allows customers to understand the product at a glance.
  • Highlight special features or technologies. Differentiates you from competing products.
  • List the product bundle or set quantity if more than one item. Stops misleading customers.

A good Amazon title should communicate what the product is, key options, and main benefits. It should enable the customer to self-select your listing without needing to go into the details.

Eg. The Derma Co 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Ultra Light Gel with SPF 50 PA++++ For Broad Spectrum, UV A, UV B & Blue Light Protection – 50g(dermaco)


Write Good Bullet Points


After viewing the product title, most customers will next view the bullet points. These bullet points provide a high-level overview of features and benefits. Great bullet points can improve conversion rates by addressing customer questions and differentiating you from the competition.


Follow these best practices for writing excellent Amazon bullet points:

  • Lead with the most important features and benefits first. These will be given the most visibility especially on mobile.
  • Focus on why customers should buy from features – not just what the features are. Explain the value.
  • Use bullets consistently in parallel structure. Keep them short, scannable and easy to digest.
  • Use bullets to differentiate from competitor products by highlighting your unique selling propositions.
  • Address common customer questions and concerns such as comfort, durability, ease of use, etc.
  • Use spacing, symbols, and emphasis (bold/italics) to make key points stand out. Avoid overusing CAPS LOCK text.

The 5 available bullets offer valuable real estate to convince hesitant customers. Use this space effectively to highlight your product’s competitive advantages.


Choose the Right Product Images


The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true on Amazon. With customers unable to physically inspect items before purchase, the images you choose can make or break a potential sale. Invest time into selecting quality product photos and your conversion rates will improve.


Here are tips for choosing excellent Amazon images:


  • Have at least one main image or Hero image showing just the product against a white background. This showcases the item clearly.
  • Use lifestyle imagery showing the product in use when relevant. Helps customers visualize themselves using it.
  • Include alternate angles, close-ups of key features/details, product contents etc. to give the fullest picture.
  • Optimize images to be at least 1000px on the longest side. Higher resolution zoom functionality improves detail.
  • Describe technical aspects/key features of each image in the image caption text. Reduces incorrect customer inferences.
  • Show scale by including easily recognizable objects as size comparisons when helpful.
  • Maintain consistent image backgrounds, lighting and quality for a professional aesthetic.

Photography drastically affects how appealing and authentic your listing appears. The extra effort to take and select great images pays dividends in higher perceived value.


Set a Competitive Price


When selling on Amazon, being one of the lowest priced listings for your product drives more traffic to your offers. Undercutting competitors signals value to customers and earns the “Best Deal” tag and Amazon’s Choice badges. This leads to higher impressions and sales.


Follow these pricing best practices:

  • Use Amazon repricing software to automatically set the lowest competitive price based on competitors’ offers.
  • Factor in the referral fees, FBA or fulfillment fee taken by Amazon to ensure you still earn sufficient margin.
  • Know your breakeven costs when setting floor pricing – don’t go so low that you lose money.
  • Run promotions with coupons and lightning deals to spark temporary buying frenzies from bargain hunters.
  • Only discount to unprofitable levels temporarily when necessary to offload excess slow-moving inventory.

The ease of comparison shopping on Amazon makes price one of the most significant factors driving purchase decisions. Having the best offer listed amongst alternatives seals more deals.


Get Product Reviews


Product reviews lend tremendous credibility to listings. Displaying ratings and reviews builds trust in potential customers that your product delivers as promised. Especially when selling new product launches, accelerating the initial reviews can improve conversion rates before negative reviews accumulate over the long-run.


Here are some ethical ways to get more product reviews:


  • Make review solicitation part of your purchase follow up process to gather feedback while the buying experience is still fresh. Offer incentives for reviewing like discounts on future purchases.
  • Run review campaigns through services like Vine Voice which gives free or discounted products to reviewers.
  • Pursue endorsements from influencers, blogs and review sites that cover related genres and can publish reviews.
  • Identify product enthusiasts and power users through social media and community discussion boards and provide free reviewer copies.

The quality of reviews matter just as much as the quantity. Avoid fake or paid reviews at all costs, as Amazon sanctions listings caught violating review policies. Focus on getting authentic and unbiased peer feedback.


Enhance Content with A+ Detail Pages


Beyond the core listing content covered above, sellers have additional opportunities to showcase products through Amazon A+ Enhanced Detail Pages. These pages let you supplement the standard product description using HTML and rich media. When customers click “See more product details,” your enhanced page content loads instead of the default description.


Enhanced Detail Pages unlock features like:


  • Multi-page layouts to house more images, videos, size charts etc without cluttering the core listing.
  • Visual styling like graphs, tables, text colors and fonts for better presentation.
  • Video demonstrations hosted natively in the Amazon player without leaving the site.
  • Comparison charts to contrast your item against alternatives based on key attributes.
  • Custom CSS markup for personalized brands, logos, and design templates.

For technical or complex products, Enhanced Detail Pages enable elaborating beyond the constraints of the standard listing fields. The additional media and visual communication encourage more informed purchase decisions. Brands can choose from an array of layouts available on the Amazon listing pages. 


Improve Conversion with Enhanced Brand Content


Enhanced Brand Content represents Amazon’s PPC advertising offering – a banner displayed directly on your listings just underneath the Buy Box. As the most conspicuous ad placement on product pages, Enhanced Brand Content enjoys very high viewability and interaction rates from customers.


Ideal uses for Enhanced Brand Content include:

  • Promoting your brand story and achievements to boost perception.
  • Highlighting related products to increase attachment rates and order values.
  • Linking to exclusive product launch deals on your ecommerce site to divert some sales.
  • Running video ads showcasing your products, company and team over static images.
  • A/B testing different brand messages and visuals for optimization.
  • Remarketing to website visitors who previously browsed your listings but didn’t complete checkout.

Enhanced Brand Content provides sellers invaluable advertising space to directly influence customers making purchase decisions on Amazon. The flexible banner options permit extensive testing approaches for the highest ROI.




Optimizing your Amazon listings is crucial for products to stand out in the intensely competitive marketplace. By focusing on title, bullets, images, pricing, reviews and supplemental content, sellers can drastically boost their Amazon conversion rates and sales. Listing optimization should be an ongoing process as new competitors and product alternatives emerge over time. Maintain your Amazon presence by incorporating these best practices and your listings will sell better than ever before.


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