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Global E-Commerce Accelerator – How To Evaluate Marketplace Opportunity?

The internet has allowed for more than just fast communication. With the advent and popularization of online marketplaces and global e-commerce accelerator, people have been able to take their businesses beyond the physical limitations of local retail spaces.

E-commerce is a major part of almost all businesses now. And it is not limited to selling just within the country’s borders. Many Indian businesses have found huge opportunities and successes beyond the boundaries, in country’s all over the world. This has led to the rising desire of wanting to expand overseas, but many brands often fail at that by underestimating the amount of work that goes into the process. This is where global e-commerce accelerator can help.

What Is a Global E-Commerce Accelerator?

As mentioned before, launching your business globally takes more than just setting up a website. It takes a ton of work and resources, something that many companies may overestimate. It is, without a doubt, an extremely complex task. An e-commerce accelerator helps with such issues. Global e-commerce accelerator is a service which helps with launching brands across global marketplaces. Global e-commerce accelerator helps with expanding and exploring marketplaces outside of the business’ home country, allowing them to reach a much bigger audience. Modern day global e-commerce accelerator use data-driven technology to assess global marketplaces, and increase revenues across these marketplaces.

Evaluating Marketplace Opportunities

Before jumping into the global expansion process, however, it is important to know whether your brand can perform in your chosen market. This is why you need to evaluate the designated market first. Here are some of the ways you can evaluate marketplace opportunities:

Analyse Market Demand

Analysis of the demand for your product is an obvious first step. Without knowing if your brand or service has a demand in the marketplace where you want to sell. Assessment of the market helps determining how successful your business could be and will how you if this new venture would be worthwhile for your company. It is important to find out if the marketplace is the right environment for your brand.

Check out the Competition

If there is a demand for your brand, then there’s likely competition as well. Marketplaces allow a wide range of products and services to be sold. Identifying your rivals and analysing how they are represented in the marketplace can help you determine your own approach as well. Through competitor analysis you’ll get an idea of how to price your products and give you an idea of the kind of customer experience to provide.

Analyse the Potential Marketplace

Demand and competition aside, it is also important to know your market size. Will selling your product be worthwhile there? Will it lead to profits? Analysing the potential marketplace will involve everything from research on the number of buyers, to assessing your competition size, and to evaluate the necessary barriers of entry.

Exploring Other Areas of Interest

Analysing the market can be help you in more than just giving you an idea of how your existing products will do in the space. Marketplace research and competitor analysis can provide you with the opportunity to explore other potential areas of interest that you could expand to. It will provide you with a good opportunity to look at other products and services your can launch that still adheres to your brand, but something that the market can benefit from.

Identify Potential Marketing Strategies

Market opportunity analysis should give you an idea of pricing and how to promote your product, giving you a deeper understanding of the potential market size and competition. Once you have that, it is time to start thinking up potential strategies for both promoting your product and developing fallback strategies in case of failures.


With global e-commerce becoming more mainstream, it is not too late to start thinking about expanding into other territories. E-commerce accelerators can often help with much of the leg work, and with current advancement in data analysis technology, they can help you with evaluating of the potential marketplace as well. Online marketplaces are more common now and it is important to rethink your selling strategies to coincide with them.

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