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Assiduus: ROI through Business Intelligence.

E-commerce is a necessity in the modern world. Having a digital presence and using E-commerce platforms to offer goods and services online is practically essential for D2C brands. Also, owing to the combined effects of global shipping and E-commerce platforms, the entire world has transformed into a single global marketplace. Brands can even become well-known and sell items in areas where they don’t typically conduct business.

However, it is not easy for a brand to scale their business globally, and there are certain challenges they will face. Analytics is the base of every business, and it is extremely crucial to analyze the market one is entering into by extensive research & specific eCommerce business intelligence.

Challenges brands face when it comes to selling globally

For one, there is a lack of data that is readily available for brands to use. This is data typically pertaining to how the product/service fits with the market the brand is selling in, its potential, and the competitive landscape. There is also the challenge of deciphering laws, regulations, and policy changes across the various geographies that a brand might expand to. To add to that, there is limited infrastructure and a cost inefficiency for in-house D2C fulfillment across different geographies. This is paired with a lack of expertise in positioning certain products/services and creating seamless customer experiences across different E-commerce platforms. Finally, the technological difficulties in integrating all the channels across marketplaces can also be a daunting task to do alone.

In this environment, it is important for your brand to have the right partner to guide you through the multi-layered challenges that one can face while navigating scaling their businesses on a global level. 

How we can help you

We at Assiduus can help you, by being that partner. Your business can grow exponentially, with you getting optimal return-on-investments through business intelligence. Assiduus is a one-stop-shop solution for all the nitty-gritties associated with optimizing your brand’s digital footprint around the world. We aid brands to scale their business across the globe, on different E-commerce channels and platforms. This enables your brand to join an international ecosystem and marketplace, reaching potential customers all over the world. Further, we integrate cross-border payment partners to ensure a smooth purchasing experience for your consumers. The challenges faced in cross-border shipping, customs clearances, international order tracking, and returns, are all mitigated efficiently with the help of our logistics partners. Additionally, we customize experiences that customers go through to be country and region-specific, ensuring it fits your brand’s requirements and positioning at all times. 

First, we conduct research regarding specific laws, policies, and tariffs in different countries, keeping your business and product in mind. This primary and secondary market research that we conduct is beneficial to stay out of legal troubles, which can be a tedious process if you are a brand. Using this research, we also provide marketing management solutions, while helping your brand with advertising campaigns through different mediums.

Secondly, with the use of our Warehousing Management Software (WMS) and the Order Management System (OMS), we handle the global supply chain and distribution. The software integrates a wide range of E-commerce platforms, automating everyday processes, helping us manage inventory, as well as predict warehouse fulfilment across all these sales channels. 

Furthermore, we provide a unified dashboard to brands that partner with us, as an internal reporting system. Our clients can view data about sales, revenue, advertisements’ performance, stocks, inventory, campaign updates, and other product data. All of this data is consolidated onto the dashboard that changes dynamically, in real time. 

Overall, you will see a boost in your website conversions and in turn, in your E-commerce sales, while acquiring a higher number of customers for your business. You won’t need to make any infrastructure investments for distribution or fulfilment across several locations. By giving you all the information and statistics, we also safeguard your brand and its reputation. Assiduus has successfully worked with over 50 brands, across 12+ global marketplaces in 5 different continents. By collaborating with us, your D2C product & our business intelligence of the e-commerce sector will help us both expand at the same time. 

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