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Amazon Brand Content Optimization: The A+ advantage

The phrase – Amazon Brand Content Optimization – is sure to remind you of grades in some ways at least. Children and young adults would come across the concept and pressure of grades umpteen number of times in school and college. For some, it appears to be an opportunity to excel. For the rest, it is routine pressure. While it can be different things to different students, owing to varying degrees of intelligence and circumstances, it is not make-or-break and it is criminal insensitivity to judge them on these parameters, the same can’t be said about business. 

It is a competitive world where you either adapt and evolve or perish without a trace. History books and nostalgia have no place in the world of E-commerce business unless it’s in the form of your product. Comparisons apart, let’s get to talking business. And by that, we mean the importance of content creation in generating higher sales and revenue. 

While the same holds good across E-commerce platforms, Amazon is a goldmine of advantages to be leveraged. The access to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) which is offered to brand-registered sellers.

Creating A+ content: Some tips and insights on Enhanced Brand Content

The content on your amazon brand page is a reflection of your communication strategy and messaging. While it is the task of agencies to elucidate the process of creating A+ content, we’ll tell you something more important to begin with: The essentials of effective and rewarding Enhanced Brand Content and A+ content. 

Adopting an interactive approach and embedding it consistently in every communication is integral to garnering more customers. Using shorter paragraphs, experimenting with font, subheads and other formats to highlight the standout features and benefits of your product will help you make the most of the limited time consumers spend reading online. 

In addition to this maintaining the right balance between visual content- images, videos and a mix of both- along with detailed information in the form of text helps capture the audience across the spectrum. This way, you create an opportunity for online shoppers to ask the right questions while providing answers that are clear.

The relevance of numbers and other ways to educate online shoppers

Also, this approach drives home the message that you’re open to feedback, which in turn is a message to consumers that you take their shopping experience seriously. That’s one way to stay two steps ahead of the competition. 

By two steps, I again mean one visual and one informative text approach. Too much of anything is beyond what the consumers can digest. But this approach can help brands achieve high sales and revenue, which brands and businesses love. This is how a Full-Service Amazon Consulting agency like Assiduus helps brands make the best of Amazon Brand Content Optimization

The use of infographics to highlight why your product is liked by more consumers and why it offers more value for money than a similar product from a competitor brand is one way of clinching victory in the consumer battle. Add to this competitive pricing and you’ll see the results that you’ve wanted. 

The Takeaway

An attractive, minimalist banner that drives home the message in the already known short attention span helps further the A+ content creation exercise. The icing on the cake though is adhering to Amazon guidelines and requirements. Compliance and creativity is a proven ways to innovate, leverage and succeed. 

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