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5 Reasons Why a Cross-Border E-commerce Accelerator Is Important for Your Business

With exponential growth in online purchasing since 2020 due to the pandemic, we have seen altogether a completely new era of trends unfolding in the E-commerce landscape. 

Customers’ willingness to shop internationally makes D2C brands explore new markets to see their brands’ growth touching the sky. As a result, every E-commerce brand has started planning to launch its products across borders to scale its business.

The pandemic saw a massive shift in online purchasing. It started with being a necessity, and shoppers soon adapted to it. 

There has been an overall willingness among consumers to shop from international websites such as AliExpress, and Etsy.

With the pandemic, the time consumers spent shopping online increased, and so did the hits to online websites and cross-border E-commerce growth. 

According to the research data of All The Research — in 2019, the global cross-border E-commerce market was valued at USD 578.57 Bn, and it is expected to reach USD 2,248.57 Bn by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 17.4%.

A FIS survey data of 33,000 people across 12 different countries says that 38% of people were shopping online at the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Have you ever wondered what drives consumers to shop from international sites?

To start, products not being available in the home countries of consumers, more competitive pricing, or more varieties in the same categories help the E-commerce brands make their cross-border launch successful. 

In addition, advanced technologies like AI to provide targeted recommendations and international payment gateways are adding extra fuel to the growth of the cross-border E-commerce market. 

Today E-commerce Accelerators have completely changed the growth rate of e-commerce and D2C brands globally. E-commerce accelerators are solution providers who help E-commerce brands mitigate the difficulties brands face in growth. 

And that’s precisely what we do at Assiduus for eCommerce businesses. First, we help D2C brands launch, scale, and grow across global e-commerce marketplaces. Then, harnessing a large pool of data, we help brands take quick actions related to product pricing, run deals, campaigns, and more.

The rise in cross-border E-commerce brings new opportunities to reach potential customers and expand your E-commerce business into global marketplaces. 

Today, we will look at the benefits of cross-border E-commerce and the importance of partnering with e-commerce accelerators for the growth of your D2C brands.

Machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), unified commerce, big data, and predictive analytics are all examples of technological solutions that are used to optimise operations across the digital supply chain. Everyday tasks are automated, making them smarter and more efficient. Historically, supply chains were labour-intensive and inefficient. Human mistakes are unavoidable in manual tasks, and automating these procedures can considerably enhance accuracy and visibility.

Benefits of Cross-Border E-commerce

The global E-commerce market is forecast to surpass USD 6 trillion by 2024, according to theemarketers’ global E-commerce 2020 report. Cross-border E-commerce can be used by brands who want to expand their business, explore new markets, and reach a bigger audience to introduce their products.

Still not able to decide whether selling across borders is beneficial or not? Here are three of the top benefits of cross-border E-commerce.

1. International business expansion and brand visibility – Cross-border E-commerce benefits the brands by providing exciting opportunities to expand their business to different geographies with a flourishing economy. So no matter how good your brand’s sales volume is at the current moment, cross-border E-commerce solutions will make it climb higher.

Additionally, you get to reach a new audience and get brand awareness in new geographic areas. By providing unique and high-quality products, you will appeal to a new set of consumers — it increases your brand visibility and provides you brand recognition that helps in the future term.

2. Increase in Sales & ROI – If you get brand recognition due to your high-end product quality and unique offerings, it will result in an increase in sales and revenue. In addition, new geography means new audiences, which in turn means an increase in sales and return on investment.

3. Demand throughout the entire year   – Stuck with selling sweaters only in Winter? By establishing your brand in a different geography, you are no longer limited only to seasonal sales. It is a great way to build consistent demands for your products throughout the year.

Important Reasons for Partnering With E-commerce Accelerator

 If you’re still wondering how an E-commerce accelerator actually works, let us help you understand. Traditionally, it takes a lot of time and effort to launch an online E-commerce store. 

However, when you work with an E-commerce accelerator — you only need to focus on the core of your business to grow it. All other E-commerce hassles, such as global omnichannel E-commerce approach, marketplace management, cross-border E-commerce issues, logistics and supply chain management, etc., need special attention, and that’s where the E-commerce accelerator plays a crucial role in eCommerce brand success.

An E-commerce accelerator helps smoothly implement E-commerce solutions and run an E-commerce business online. Not only does an E-commerce accelerator reduce the management hassle, but it also reduces the launch time and cost while improving the brand performance in the marketplace. 

Still not convinced about the importance of an E-commerce accelerator?

Here we have mentioned a few major points that will help you understand exactly how E-commerce accelerators add to the B2C and D2C brands’ growth equation in the global marketplace.

1. Product listing management with SEO-optimized A+ Content

Your brand needs creative strategies to attract the attention of your target customers. But how do you plan to provide a top-notch shopping experience? Every time customers come to a marketplace; they tend to search and look for different products. So what should you do to come in search of target customers and get their attention to your product?

Well, here is the solution—product listing with SEO and A+ content for your brand on E-commerce marketplaces. So how is it going to help? 

Customer doesn’t read; rather, they scan everything visible while searching for a product on a marketplace. So your main goal should be to get noticed within that short span of attention time. 

SEO-optimized product listing and A+ content help your brand stand out from the competition on the search list of marketplaces, e.g., Amazon and Flipkart. Keeping all target keywords in sync with products’ titles and descriptions along with the product images’ alt tags to increase the visibility of brand products. 

E-commerce accelerators have expertise in this area, and they do product listing on marketplaces according to the customers’ demands to provide a seamless shopping experience. In addition, they provide a unified brand experience by optimizing content across the platforms. 

2. Result-oriented & rule-based marketplace advertisement

Spending on performance marketing blindly is one of the major mistakes made by the D2C brand in current scenarios. Instead, brands need solid plans and performance marketing strategies to see the expected results. 

With the hype around digital marketing, it’s easy for brands to get into that trap. However, E-commerce accelerators have alternate options to save brands from pouring extra dollars. Accelerators help brands with a full-proof marketplace advertising plan in place. 

E-commerce accelerators help brands to make the most of their ad budget. They make it rule-based marketplace advertisement to get the results in terms of increasing product sales from marketplaces. With the right set of ads, brands can boost their customer base and manage their advertising spending wisely.

Isn’t it exciting to see your customer base expanding with less spending? :”) 

3. Global online E-commerce marketplace management

Brands are burgeoning by launching their products on online marketplaces. Going across borders to explore new consumers through global online E-commerce marketplaces is the best way to test your products’ potential among international consumers. 

But… online marketplaces need full-time attention to manage every small and big task such as product listing, SEO-optimized content and creating engaging customer journeys, just to name a few tasks for an everyday to-do list. 

However, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by these marketplace tasks because this is the place where you need to use E-commerce accelerators to save yourself from a hectic marketplace management experience. 

E-commerce accelerators ensure to make your customer happy and have a smooth shopping experience. The primary goal of E-commerce accelerators is to scale your brand on the online E-commerce marketplace by providing full-proof E-commerce solutions.

4. Cross-border launch with data-driven customer analytics

E-commerce accelerators’ core strength is to create data-driven strategies for all areas of E-commerce business. The noticeable difference between an average and successful E-commerce brand in the marketplace is made by the core strategies of their business. No matter how much you try without understanding the customer data, there is nothing that goes well in the E-commerce landscape. 

An E-commerce accelerator helps a D2C brand to make that difference in the market. A brand can make a major difference in its business goals and thrive on global marketplaces through data-driven customer analytics. 

Better customer data helps you make better decisions for your brand’s cross-border launch. In addition, it gives you a sense of security by finding out which products from your catalogs can scale your business internationally.

5. Organized & effective logistics and distribution management

Managing your E-commerce business along with distribution and logistics is a hassle. Managing orders, warehouses, and fulfillment take a lot of time, and these tasks need attention because one mistake can make everything go wrong. 

E-commerce brands need an organized & effective logistics and distribution system in order to take care of customer orders. Fulfillment and logistics start from the moment a customer makes a purchasing decision to the moment they receive it in delivery. 

It’s hard to find a logistics and supply chain company that streamlines your distribution plan while having your business growth in mind. E-commerce accelerators have a dedicated team of experts in warehouse management and logistics. By partnering with an E-commerce accelerator company, you get to relax and watch your customer be happy with the timely delivery.

Fasttrack Your E-commerce Journey With the Right Global E-commerce Accelerator Partner — Assiduus

Today’s E-commerce space is bringing unique challenges to the global E-commerce marketplace on a regular basis. As a result, D2C brands need to pivot to survive in this changing shopping era and challenging environment.

Looking for the world’s fastest-growing, cross-border E-commerce accelerator to help your E-commerce brand thrive globally? Assiduus is your choice for the best E-commerce solutions.

Assiduus’ cross-border E-commerce solutions add real value to your E-commerce business and provide you with real-time customer insights, product listing, marketplace advertisement, compliance, marketplace management, and much more to help your business scale globally! 

Let us help you find risks and their solutions to launch your brand globally! Speak to us today! We’re waiting for your queries! 😉

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