Assiduus Global Inc is the world’s fastest-growing, cross-border, multi-platform AI-powered E-commerce accelerator.

E-commerce is not easy!

From infiltering global marketplaces to keeping abreast with frequently changing marketplace algorithms and APIs, from lack of resources and infrastructure to understating E-commerce nuances, from interpreting diverse consumer reports and data to navigating trade policies and logistics, E-commerce is a complex ball game.

Assiduus E-commerce accelerator launches, builds and scales D2C (Direct to consumer) brands across leading global marketplaces.

  • 50+ employees across 4 countries
  • Selling across 10+ marketplaces
  • 50,000+ products sold daily across 7 categories
  • Product presence on four continents

AI-powered tech + Cross-border supply chain & distribution network + data & intelligence

E-commerce accelerator growth happens only when perfect execution is combined with impeccable strategies and flawless customer experiences to generate impact on ROI.

At Assiduus E-commerce accelerator, we are inspired by ambition & driven by performance.

Through precise tactical execution and backed by 4 decades of combined experience in E-commerce, we provide market-focused solutions that allow businesses to reimagine what is possible, innovate in their sectors and make the lives of millions hassle-free.

Facing any of these issues?

  • No traffic? We get consumers to come to your site/product listing.
  • Low conversions? We convert visits to purchases to increase your revenue.
  • Products not visible? With keyword implanted content and A+ content, we make your products visible and accessible.
  • Confusing reports & data? We decipher complex data to make decision-making stress-free.
  • Too high cost of acquisition? We create profitable customer acquisition models based on measured marketing channels.

Here's how we do it.

  • Product screening – We specialize in launching & growing sales for consumer brands. We identify the right products for the right geographies and global marketplaces.
  • Product Strategy – We handle everything to ensure optimal sales and growth: storefront, product descriptions, pricing, ad spend, inventory management & shipping.
  • Campaign Execution – Our 50+ team members and senior team of E-commerce veterans ensure strategic plans are successfully executed.
  • Advanced Analytics – We employ data-driven decision-making. Our patent-pending AI-powered technology provides real-time insights into the competition and market.
  • Global Fulfilment – We provide global end-to-end fulfillment. Our Amazon and Walmart recognized warehouses ensure on-time delivery.

Why Work with Us?

  • We are results-oriented. Everything we do is measured, evaluated and optimized.
  • We take care of everything, thus more work and less superfluous expenses for you.
  • Delivering on numbers and quality is our strength. Our customer service is impeccable.