Our experienced team of E-commerce experts, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Content Writers and Creative Designers can help you launch/optimize Products,Price, Promotion, Placement on popular E-commerce sites.

In the fiercely competitive E-commerce space, brands need to be agile and well-informed to achieve success. Assiduus’ team of experts comes with vast experience across brands, markets and platforms to ensure that your brand has all the tools to remain ahead of the curve. We pride in working as a partner and an extension of our clients’ own teams to ensure synchronized plans to success.

Our team of content and design professionals assist brands in creating and optimizing their E-Commerce content to meet brand guidelines as well as industry best practices.

Assiduus’ content team can support you with:

  • Keyword research and optimization.
  • Search-optimized content for product detail pages.
  • Enhanced A+ content.
  • Brand Store creation.
  • Digital banners, event and advertising content.

We support brands with On-demand comprehensive analytics on Sales, Competition, Category & Promotion by analyzing data from various sources to gain decision-making insights for brands.

Our Business Analysts assist brands to:

  • Cross-reference reports from vendor logins on E-comm portals, in-house
    data, off-take reports and channel intelligence data.
  • Combine them into one holistic view to aid convenient decision making.
  • Publish reports on demand in formats customized to your specific needs.
  • Analyze listings, price, bestsellers to draw useful insights.
  • Calculate sales loss and create weighted scorecards.
  • Sales Data Analysis, Promotions Analysis and Performance Analysis on event
    vs. non-event days.
  • Audit execution of banners, ads and other marketing properties.
  • Competition Alerts.
  • Visibility Analysis.
  • Tailored Analytical reports.
  • Data-driven by software consultation and much more.

Simplify your expansion to global markets with Assiduus’ E-Commerce support to guide you along the way. Whether you are looking to enter a new market, or accelerate your existing global business on ecommerce, our team of experts can aid your growth. Our tools and services are available across 5 continents and multiple languages.

  • Track how many of your SKUs show in the Top 3, 10 or 20 search results for important search keywords.
  • Create a comprehensive go-to-market plan for ecommerce expansion.
  • Identify the correct markets, platforms, logistics models and partners for your
  • Guide and support with E-Commerce market analysis, licenses and
    competition research.
  • Share channel intelligence and services at a regional level for consistent
    performance and control.