Scale Globally with Assiduus!

Cross-Border Marketplace Management

We create and own the marketplace space for your brand! Assiduus helps brands scale their business by helping them launch cross-border and manage all the hassles—compliance, integration, language barriers, etc. From account management to operational execution and growth advertisement to brand protection—we do it all! We protect your brand reputation and retain your loyal customers.

Build a brand that shows your authenticity. Assiduus protects your brand reputation from unauthorized sellers by providing services such as brand-gating and brand protection.

Our dedicated team of professionals will take your marketing initiative to the next level by creating, launching, tracking and optimizing your campaign with the goal of maximizing excitement and customer engagement.

Accelerate your brand on Amazon and other marketplaces with our smart campaign management. We maximize your global E-commerce presence with optimized campaigns, tailor-made for international marketplaces. 

With Assiduus make the strategic decision to expand to  new marketplaces and countries including, Walmart, Lazada, Shopee, Tmall and Amazon EU.

Our team of content and design professionals assist brands in creating and optimizing their E-Commerce content to meet brand guidelines, as well as industry best practices.


Choose the right AI-Powered Cross-border E-commerce Accelerator

Assiduus’s E-commerce acceleration solutions help you make better decisions with access to real-time E-commerce data.
Access our proprietary technology and well-equipped team to support your decision-making and future omnichannel growth.