Ensure all orders are delivered.!

Warehouse & Order Management System

We ensure 99 percent order accuracy with our Centralized Order and Warehouse management system.

Automating the supply chain process is critical for business growth, especially when fulfilling orders across the globe. We leverage our centralized Order Management System (OMS) to reduce order processing time, increase demand and distribution responsiveness bringing in efficiency.

The AI powered engine of the Warehouse Management System provides intelligence in the form of data analytics and reporting that helps predict demand and plan inventory. Our WMS ensures that our prep is compliant with third-party logistics solutions for FBA, FBN, and bespoke direct fulfillment partners.

Our Warehouse Management System automates daily operational activities and brings in business efficiency in taking care of all physical inventory, including receiving, storage, picking, packing and shipping. We work with 30+ courier partners to ensure delivery efficiency.

When selling on multiple marketplaces and your own website, reconciliations can be challenging. Our systems ensure month-end reconciliations are a breeze.


Choose the right AI-Powered Cross-border E-commerce Accelerator

Assiduus’s ecommerce acceleration solutions help you make better decisions with access to real-time ecommerce data.
Access to our strategists complements this actionable data, to support your decision-making and future omnichannel growth.