Real-time and on-demand

Global Market Analytics

View the most important performance metrics for your business in a click. Get access to automated and real-time metrics reports with our Unified Dashboard. The Unified dashboard adeptly collates data from numerous marketplaces and displays it in a single view on a dashboard helping high-performing teams to take data-driven decisions.

Get insights into metrics such as revenue, returning customers, average order value over time, SKU performance and more. Keep track of your advertisements, and look at predictions. In a dynamic dashboard, look at campaign performance, as well as product, creative, audience, and targeting performance. See trends over time, and get alerts about significant changes.

Aggregating all the data into one visualization saves E-commerce teams countless hours and improves sales performance.

Having access to inventory forecasts is invaluable, especially in times when supply chains and consumer demand are rapidly evolving. Our dashboard helps understand demand and plan inventory so that products are never over or under-stocked

Teams can see SKU-wise performance across marketplaces and geographies.

Our dashboard simplifies reporting by seamlessly integrating and gathering data from multiple marketplaces


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Assiduus’s E-commerce acceleration solutions help you make better decisions with access to real-time E-commerce data.
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