Crafting Data-Driven Decision-Making Strategy

Data driven decision making

Applying data driven decision making to your product development and sales process is a great way to reduce risk, drive internal consensus, and reduce friction. But, E-commerce data is often bulky, unstructured, and sometimes difficult to process. With Assiduus, your team can now take data-backed decisions.

Analyze data from across multiple geographies and platforms to enable data-driven decisions that are comprehensive, customizable and easy to implement.

E-commerce is a dynamic ecosystem in which it is crucial for a brand to monitor the pricing of their products on digital channels. A price which is just slightly higher than your direct competition can lead to the loss of your loyal customers. Brands must have complete visibility over their competition and their own product pricing to strategically use promotions, discounts, deals, and coupons to increase online sales, have competitive pricing, and improve advertising conversions. With our data, brands can keep track of the selling price of each SKUs across platforms.

 Brands can also identify promotions by any seller/platform on their SKUs and audit them against their planned promotions.

Not all products are fit for all marketplaces. Assiduus helps E-commerce teams understand compliance requirements and find the perfect product-market fit


Choose the right AI-Powered Cross-border E-commerce Accelerator

Assiduus’s E-commerce acceleration solutions help you make better decisions with access to real-time E-commerce data.
Access our proprietary technology and well-equipped team to support your decision-making and future omnichannel growth.