Distribution and Inventory Management

Having done all the hard work, it is imperative that adept and organized distribution is required to set sales in motion. While an Amazon brand management and consulting agency can do the groundwork, distribution and inventory capabilities are non negotiable in completing the cycle. 

Assiduus is a global distributor, helping brands across geographies deliver to customers and establish their presence. Having a team that understands various customer expectations and concerns, we are able to address these issues and expedite resolution. Our distribution network will act as a bridge between your assurance and the happy customer.


Strategy and Execution

  • Distribution – Technology driven distribution system
  • Presence – Global presence
  • Employee – Organized employee , staff network & resource pool

  • Efficiency – Distribution with maximum efficiency
  • Supply Chain– Hassle free supply chain systems in place
  • Support – 24*7 customer support

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