Brand Registry and Listing Optimization

Brand Registry, in simple terms, is a program devised to identify brand owners to Amazon. Apart from being the first step in selling on amazon, the program protects your intellectual property rights, pricing security and doubles up as a platform that guides you to explore and leverage the ecommerce platform to multiply your chances of profitability and success. 

Content is the fulcrum of successful branding and marketing. It is at the heart of every campaign that eventually ends up being successful. Without content, that is compatible with the brand and its end goal, it is impossible to build a credible brand identity on the Ecommerce marketplace.

It is essential to build content that rests on factual accuracy and is compelling enough to drive call to action (CTA). This helps in achieving higher customer acquisition and customer retention. Combining both the technical expertise and strategic excellence, Assiduus provides brands a formidable roadmap for ecommerce success.

Strategy and Execution

  • SEO Friendly – SEO friendly content that evolves with changing trends
  • Keywords – Keywords that result in a higher products list ranking
  • Data – Industry specific data
  • Content Optimization – Content optimization to ensure higher conversion and sales
  • Insights – Based on insights drawn from research pertaining to product and location based buyer patterns
  • Visual Content – Emphasis on premium visual content

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