Making the best of global lockdown to hire a professional Amazon Consultant


It is lockdown-time for the whole world. In other words, the world works from home. In this context- the process of hiring a professional amazon consultant, presents an interesting opportunity for brands. The proposition might sound strange; but understanding why ecommerce is a goldmine might just do the trick. 

While the global lockdown, thrust on the world by a pandemic, has created a situation of uncertainty and panic, the world shall be bustling with activity again. This is the time to be optimistic with a pinch of necessary pragmatism. How does this translate into a business plan. You can’t do without a strategy, can you? 

Consistency and foresight: The road to a paradigm shift 

Coronavirus has sent shockwaves through the world. It has created a short term crisis that is bound to have long term ramifications. Therefore it is imperative that ecommerce businesses, too, adopt a strategy over the next few months; a strategy that can be the first of many steps, leading to a long lasting paradigm shift. 

To this end, it is essential to answer three fundamental questions. While the questions are simple and mundane, answers can unearth a vision to help your business and the brand transform in the right direction. 

  • What is the core identity of your business or brand? 
  • How do you define your current business with respect to the market position?
  • What would your answer to the second question be five years from now?

Let’s assume, for the moment, that the answer to the first question can be broadly placed in two categories. One, affordable products that are necessary for everyday and occasional use. Two, products that are for the elite.If your business belongs in the first category, you are already to ace it on Amazon.

The process: Why you should start looking for a full service amazon agency now

The answers to question two and three can be delivered to its logical conclusion by a professional amazon consultant well versed in helping brands scale on the sought after ecommerce platform. Well, if they are a full service amazon agency, the better it is for you. 

Owing to the lockdown, where all services barring essentials are shelved, panic is the most natural reaction of most businesses. If you, on the other hand, are looking to cement trust, it is crucial to tell your consumers how much you care about delivering the message of social responsibility. 

Even without talking about how the product your business is associated with, is reflective of the core identity of your brand, you can drive home the message of trust. Talk about necessary practices such as social distancing, washing your hands, using masks, respecting healthcare workers and many such simple acts that can help the world fight the pandemic. This will clearly tell the audience how the relationship is not just one of business but one of building long lasting trust with the consumer community. 

In conclusion: A professional amazon consultant with an understanding of the nitigrities of the platform will be able to guide you on integrating this message with your brand values and gain an audience for you. With no sales possible for sometime, the trust quotient of your brand built in this time, is the most organically rewarding way to generate sales, revenue and growth once the lockdown is lifted. 

So, why wait? Find Assiduus now! 

Assiduus is not just another Amazon consultant. This  full service ecommerce agency has been selling our own brands on Amazon in the areas of automotive, health supplements and fashion over the last decade. With the years of expertise and experience we have gained, we now want to empower your brand to conquer uncharted territories, save time & resources, generate more revenue and maximize business performance.